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Increasingly Bink Design is involved in the initiation phase to think about developing a construction project. By listening carefully to your needs and take into account all aspects of the construction process, we can ensure a quality product that meets your requirements.

With you and any third party, an action plan is developed and established  Requirements. We help you to make choices in the development and responsibly to decide. This can be done by, for example, to discuss the construction and the use of materials with the design team, wherein viewed options, and can be calculated. By making use of the skills and knowledge of all stakeholders, it is possible to control the design better. Failure costs and all sorts of unnecessary cost overruns can be avoided and also by the close cooperation a higher quality product / project developed during the construction phase.

We will send for you and manage the project over the entire lifecycle, from idea to product, maintenance and management. It provides structure and ensures a transparent design and construction process.

What can we provide for you and / or take care of?
Inventories and Program Requirements
Cutlery elaborate
Execution drawings (specification and constructional drawings)
Compose Bouwteam
Building permit
Management Lining
Cost controls (during design and construction)
Quality assurance and safety